Are Parents Powerful Role Models For Their Kids?

Are Parents Powerful Role Models For Their Kids?

YES! Parents are the most powerful role models their children will ever have! A parent has the power to guide, control, influence, teach or supervise their kids. But we should use this power sensibly and for the BENEFIT of our kids. This power has been given to us by the universe, the creator, the supreme being.

Parents should be a role model for their kids by showering them with lots of tender love. There is no replacement for your love. There’s not a fancy gift or toy that can replace the love so love and play with them. Feed them, bathe them at a certain hour and remember always nurture them. Your child will know you love them when they see you doing everything for them every day! Even if you are not good at expressing love, your child will sense your love for them. When you give them love, they will love you back.


Even though you don’t realize or you feel that children aren’t watching you, they will adapt all your values, beliefs and attitude so if we want your child to have certain values, then parents have got to adopt them first. Example, you want your kids to speak your mother tongue then you have to speak it first. If you talk at home (all the time) in your mother tongue, your children will feel encouraged to speak it too. Another example, if we want our children to be loyal, then we should be seen as being loyal. You cannot do something and expect something else from your children. They will feel confused. Children always do what the parents do and not what parents say.

Healthy Eating vs Screen Time

Most parents struggle to force their child into eating healthier foods. What’s most important reason for this happening? Parents are also not eating healthy foods. A bit of hypocrisy from parents, if you ask me. Parents, did you eat your vegetables? Parents should eat healthy balanced meals as well so there’s no reason your child will not do so. They don’t know any better. They are watching and imitating their parents so you must be the role model for healthy eating so set an example first. Lead by playing games like cricket or football. Tip: Keep all devices away from the dinner table.

Good Or Bad Habits

Some parents have bad habits like smoking. Lying or stealing and your kids will be the first ones to pick this up because children look upon their parents as their role models. They will start having the same habits as their parents. If you (parent) are a smoker, chances are your parent would have been a smoker too. Parents cannot smoke and then tell their children that smoking is injurious to health. Well, you can tell them but the chances of them smoking will increase tenfold. If parents lie to their relatives to get out of a difficult/inconvenient situation in front of their kids, they are only going to learn how to lie. If parents lie, their children will think it is okay to lie sometimes. Your kids will observe and copy all your good and bad habits. If you are loving and caring, they will learn how to love and care. If you’re always thinking positively towards any situation, they will develop a positive mindset too.


If you respect your child and other people around you, your child will learn respect too. Here are a few tips for you below.

  • By empathising with your children when they are faced with difficult situations.
  • Not humiliating them or shouting at them especially in front of other people. Parents should talk to their children (or anybody else) the way they would be liked to spoken to.
  • Parents shouldn’t talk ill of their children to others.

If you give respect, you will get respect.


If you are considerate, your child will also learn how to be considerate and learn to be helpful. If you do charity, they will learn to give away toys, books or clothes to less fortunate people.

Hard Work And Work Ethics

Parents often complain that their child isn’t hardworking (in their studies) or that they give up easily. Parents must teach them to work hard or teach them not to give up. They can do this by setting an example or by doing it first, themselves. If parents work hard then they can expect their children to do the same but if parents are lazy and have no desire to work hard for anything in life, then they shouldn’t expect their child to be hard working.

Set An Example Of Listening

Another common complaint of parents is their children do not listen to them. Agreed, children will not listen to their parents all the time but you can reduce the incidences of ‘not listening’ by setting an example. Next time your child requests for something, don’t say no always to everything. Balance things out. If their requests are reasonable then agree to them.

Once you become a parent, your life will be put under a microscope. Your every movement, action, quality, habits will be observed by your child so make sure you be what you want your child to be. Your children are mirror images of their parents!

Good luck!