19 Fun And Exciting Activities To Do During The Summer For Kids

Summer holidays are here and like most parents, I have been thinking hard about activities for this summer fun for my boys (who are fourteen years apart) Summer camps are not cheap and can be expensive and if you have got more than one child, you will be left with paying a big bill for the summer holidays. Instead, why not save money and still have good family time with your kids?

Teddy Bear Picnic

One of the most exciting activities for kids to do this summer is organizing a teddy bear picnic. Gather all the teddy bears and have a picnic with them outside or in the garden. Ideal for children in the age group of 3-6 years.

Lego Afternoon

Keep your kids busy with legos. For complex lego structures, you have to do most of the construction, especially the small and intricate pieces but this is a great way of spending time with your little ones.

Stone Painting

Stone painting is one of the most fun activities for kids of all ages to do in the summer. First, ask your kids to help you hunt for stones for painting. Make sure to wash the stones thoroughly before you start painting and be sure to get them involved in the process of washing them.

Scribbling With Chalk

Use chalk to encourage your child to write letters and numbers. Buy a box of chalk and let them scribble on the ground or a sidewalk. This improves their fine motor skills. Also, I found the thick chalks very useful as they don’t break easily.

Puppet Shows

Get your kids to create puppets and enact a story around the puppets for the family. Let them make their own story for the show. This would provide a perfect opportunity for all the members of the family to spend time together in a fun way.

Sand Play

Does your child love to make sandcastles? No need to go to the beach for that. Buy some play sand and let them create some sandcastles outside and if you have some free time, you can join them too.

Cooking and Baking

Why not bake some cakes with your kids? Have fun baking and eating them. Get them to help you cook dinners every night instead of watching television or using devices. They can help in the kitchen and develop some cooking skills.


Don’t give them ordinary journaling but something fun and exciting. This will encourage them to write during the holidays by writing their ‘secrets’. The best part is “no one” will be able to read it, not even you.

Bracelet Making

Is your daughter interested in making and wearing bracelets? Why not buy her a bracelet making kit? I’m sure she would enjoy it.

Fake Fishing

Fill a big plastic box with water with some leaves or stones in it and then add some fish from your child’s toy box. Hand them some sticks with a thread tied up at one end. Get your kids to make some paper boats that can float in the water. They will have fun for hours.

Paddling Pools

Water activities are a great way to keep kids busy in the summer. If it is too hot, what better way to cool off than with paddling pools? Let kids splash water at each other to cool off. If the pool is big enough, parents can join too.

Water Fights

Get some water guns and have a friendly family water fight. This provides a lot of entertainment for the entire family.

Finger Painting

Splash some paint on a palette and let your children paint with their fingers instead of a brush. Warning: This creates a massive mess but my little one loves it.

The Great Outdoors

Since it’s summer, getting fresh air is important. Cycling, playing football in the local park, swings and slides are fun. Have a picnic too.

Musical Statues

On rainy days, play musical statues with your kids. Switch on the music and dance. When the music stops, the last one to stop moving is out of the game. Continue until you have a winner. You will get exercise as well as teach some dance moves to your kids.

Story Dens

Choose a corner in the house. Under the stairs or behind the sofa and decorate it with old bedsheets and cushions. Stack some books and let this be your kids secret reading corner or a story den.

Arts and Crafts

Get some origami paper or a craft box and do some craft with the kids. There are a lot of step-by-step YouTube videos available. Example, we made some ninja stars watching a YouTube video.

Puzzles and Brain Teasers

Let your kids exercise their grey cells during the school holidays. Do some Jigsaw puzzles or some brain teasers. Let them develop their problems solving skills. Let them develop their problems solving skills. Isn’t this a better option than giving them than screen time?

Nature Walks

Go on some nature walks with the family. Being surrounded by nature is very relaxing and also provides lots of exercises and fresh air. The best part is the kids will sleep soundly during the night.

Good luck!