9 Reasons Why I Love Blogging While A Stay At Home Mom

Blogging has been a big boon for a stay at home mom like me. I tried going back into employment but the childcare costs were eating up more than half my pay. If you are a mom like me, read below the reasons 9 reasons why I enjoy blogging so much and why I’m glad about blogging post motherhood.


In terms of flexibility, blogging is brilliant! Being a mom of two boys, I know how crucial a flexible career is for a mom or dad. You need flexibility when kids have school holidays or when they fall sick. A mom has only half a day (up to 3 pm) to do her work before she rushes off to pick up the kids from school. During the school holidays, I blog at night after my kids go to sleep then during the day spend quality time with them. My given time and attention to my kids is very important in my opinion.


Blogging has made a non – creative person like me creative. Let me clarify to you that you do not have to have to be a creative person or have any kind of skills to blog. Moms know that being a mom is very stressful but blogging provides me a release from the stresses of motherhood due to the creative aspect of it. I find blogging therapeutic and I shape my blog the way I want. No one is breathing down my neck telling me you cannot create this! No I decide the style, the colors, the fonts and the content of my website.

9 Reasons Why I Love Blogging (By a Stay at Home Mum)

Helping Parents

My favorite reason for blogging is I want to help parents with my experiences and insights into parenting. I am not a medical expert or a financial advisor but a parent just like you. Before I started blogging, I was under the impression that you can only help people through charity work or with tons of money but after I started blogging realized that you can help people with knowledge, skills and information you have on a particular topic or even solve problems for others. This aspect of blogging gives me a lot of satisfaction and fulfilment.

A Chance To Create A (New) Identity

I found motherhood hard to collect myself until blogging came along and helped me recreate my own identity. Now people know me as http://kayosxpressions.com I want moms like me with limited help to know that blogging is a great way to re – carve your identity and life. You can have your own life and at the same time be a good mom to your kids. My blog is all about me and my parenting skills and so will yours.

Passive Income

Parenthood is an expensive proposition. It provides a lot of joy and fulfilment but you also got to pay more bills. If a mom cannot go to work, how is she going to support herself and her kids? I get it that some of the moms are fortunate to have a spouse who earns well and can support the whole family. Blogging is a fantastic opportunity for moms to become financially independent without having to compromise their kids.

Must Have Confidence

A mom or a dad will experience a renewed sense of confidence with blogging ab and here are my reasons:

  1. You have created something of value
  2. You have become financially independent

My confidence level has also increased a lot after having created my blog.


Due to blogging, I am so much more productive in my personal life and has given me new energy. I have got something of my own in my life which can be very hard to achieve for a stay at home mom. I am learning a lot of things every day which is keeping me sane. My brain hasn’t given up on me!

Parenthood is wonderful and enjoyable but if you do household chores all day long, you might experience a brain fog – just like I did. Blogging took me out of that and now I can think clearly

Provides A Purpose Or Goal In Life

Blogging has provided me with a purpose in life. Life has no meaning if you do not have a destination or a goal in mind. If you are a stay at home mom, you might feel that your life is aimless especially when your kids start going to school. Bring some aim or purpose in your life with some blogging. Transform yourself from a stay at home mom to a work at home mom and see how much happiness it brings you.

Good luck!