9 Practical Ways To Reduce Stress In Mothers – Make The Change

Do you feel frustrated with your duties as a mother? Do you feel that you are packing in too much in one day? If only you could do things you desire if you had more time or money. Maybe take a break and do everything you always wanted to do. It is possible to do this. The only condition is that you have got to follow and apply my tips, every single day!

Most likely, your cause of stress could one or more of the following:

9 Practical Ways To Reduce Stress in Mothers - Make The Change!
  1. Children misbehaving/fighting
  2. Finances
  3. No time for self
  4. Lack of time with spouse
  5. Too may chores
  6. Overtired

Thinking Of Yourself

Mommy, I know it’s hard to do this. Being a mom of three teenagers and a 1 two year old, my thought is I always put them first for everything but I needed to gain control of my life and get my sanity back.

I remembered my life before I became a mother and thought of all the things I used to do back then. It’s not possible to do everything one used to do before motherhood but at least one can do 1 or 2 things. That’s when I realized that I must spend 5% of my time every day on myself. One of the things I enjoy doing is going to get a pedicure to have my feet done. I know it sounds silly but because I stopped thinking of myself, I didn’t even have time to get my feet done. Polishing them myself seemed easier. Another thing I enjoy doing is reading books. Doing these activities helped me connect me with myself again.

It’s your turn now, mommy. What do you want to do for yourself? Parents, when you start to do things for yourself, your stress will reduce at least for the duration of the activity you are doing for yourself.


Exercising is a great way to reduce stress in mothers. It makes one feel more alive and happy. It also improves your physical health. Another benefit for us is that it will help get rid of all the weight we put on during pregnancy. It has also reduced the size of the waist, ladies! Try doing exercises in the early part of the day. It is easier when you are less tired. Mothers, I know you say you don’t have the time but you have got to make time for yourself as per my tip # 1. It is only 10 minutes! Another benefit of exercising regularly is that you will have more energy to tackle the kids and your work or household chores.

Meditation for Mothers

Mothers, meditation will reduce stress and make you calmer. So when your kids fight or misbehave, you will be able to deal with them in a calmer way rather than being stressed out. In my post meditation for mom, I have explained the easiest way to meditate. Again, you can meditate for 5 minutes in the beginning. Meditation can also makes you more efficient and energetic which in turn will save you time. You cannot give the excuse of not having time so try it before you reject it!

Time For Yourself

In #1, I mentioned thinking of one activity you would like to do. Do one activity every day. Start with activities that take less time and preferably can be done at home. Once you get habituated with thinking of yourself, you can do activities that take time or which require you to go out of the house. Every time you feel guilty for thinking about yourself, just say that “I need to do this for myself” One thing which a mother can try is doing nothing for 5-10 minutes. No phones or devices. No kids. Sit on your own in a room.

Time Management

Plan ahead. What will you cook for dinner in advance? So you do not get stressed out at the last minute- whether you have all the ingredients. Organize yourself so you are not always running out of time because that is one of the biggest stress creators for moms! As I mentioned earlier, meditation calms your mind down and makes you very efficient. So meditate if you feel you are constantly running out of time. Allocate certain days of the week for cleaning and laundry.

Side Hustle

One of the biggest reasons for stress in mothers is finance. Maybe because their expenses have increased due to kids or they would have to leave their daytime jobs to look after the kids. If this is the reason you are so stressed then look for a side hustle. A small business that you can run from the comforts of your home. Perhaps if you are interested in becoming a blogger like me 🙂

Take Help When Offered

Perhaps, your parents or in-laws can help you out sometimes with your kids. Then take the help! If your spouse offers you help, take it. If he doesn’t, ask for it! If you and your spouse are unable to get time with each other, I would strongly recommend putting kids in a routine. This can help.

Mothers, Start Saying No To Reduce Stress

One of the ways mothers can reduce stress in their lives is by saying no to their child. A mother cannot say yes to everything. Don’t give in to every demand of your child. This way you can make time for yourself. Another benefit is that your child will learn to value you more. Parenting is all about balancing your life and looking after your child. Getting the balance right is the key to successful parenting. Saying no to unimportant things is not the same as compromising your child. If your child is safe, fed and clothed, then you have not compromised them. So stop feeling guilty every time you say no to your child! So stop feeling guilty every time you say no to your child!

Sleep Enough

A mother needs 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep too. If your child is very young and wakes up at night, then make sure you sleep during the day when your child is sleeping to make up for the sleep. Moving kids out of our bedroom helped a lot with getting a good night’s sleep. If mothers reduce their stress, they will be better equipped to look after their children. A happy mom is a good mom.

Good luck!