Why Personalized Name Labels Are Important

Personalized name labels are as important as buying toys, books or clothes for kids. Actually, they are even more valuable than all stuff put together. I will tell you why:

Saving Tons Of Money

Parents, you can save hundreds of dollars or pounds or whatever your currency is if you use name labels. The reason being that every time your kids ‘lose’ their stuff, maybe a school t-shirt, PE kit or water bottle, you will have to run to the supermarket or mall to replace it.

The cost of replacing those items will be far greater than the cost of name labels. I mean these labels cost about $30-$40 but the total of all items that you would have to replace could go into hundreds!

Kids Will Lose Stuff Surely

More often than not, the items lost would be required daily. There was a time when I used to keep spare of a lot of items in the event, my kids would lose something. This was getting expensive.

Once the child starts going to daycare or school, there will inevitably come a time when they would have lost something, or the other. My son lost one of his school shoes and the school were amazed at how that could have possibly happened! Luckily, I had labelled my son’s shoes and they were able to locate it straightaway. Plus, we had the other shoe to match it with.

Kids Losing Their Favorite Things Is A Nightmare

I am sure most of the parents will agree with me that if their child loses their favorite toy, their fancy water bottle or school bag, all hell will break loose. My kids had the habit of taking their favorite toy to show and tell it to their class. What would happen if they were to misplace it somewhere in the school? So it is safer to label it!

When my oldest son started daycare, I labeled his security blanket. No parent wants to lose their child’s security blanket/teddy/doll.

Kids Items All Look The Same

Every time my kids lost something, locating their stuff in the lost and found department was a nightmare. Every shoe, every school jumper looks the same! How would you know which one is yours? I am very particular about making sure I have got my stuff back and it isn’t someone else’s stuff that looks like mine and the only way to know is if you have personalized name labels on every item your kids own.

Another thing to keep in mind is that just like you some other parent might also be looking for their kid’s stuff. In case your items look identical to their items, you could end up in a fight with them so labels are the only way you can differentiate your items from others.


From the incident I mentioned earlier with my son losing one of his school shoes, if I hadn’t found the shoe, I would have to rush to the shoe shops on the same day to get another pair of shoes for him. I could have purchased the school shoes the same day but it would have wasted a lot of time for me. All parents, including me, run on a very tight schedule during the week. How can a parent squeeze – in the time to run to the shops to get another pair of shoes? If this happens on a Friday, you would be very lucky!

Dietary Requirements

Make sure their lunch boxes are all labelled properly because even lunch boxes look alike! Just in case your child’s lunch box mistakenly exchanged with another lock box would cause enormous issues for us. Labeled lunch boxes will put your mind at rest to know your kids will be eating the lunch you provided them.

Some Items Are Hard To Replace

If your kids have got a pencil case that is no longer being sold and is their favorite, parents wouldn’t want them to lose or misplace it. Some toys could be Christmas gifts from the grandparents which the child would like to show to their classmates. It is best to stick personalized name labels so that they don’t get lost.

Being Organized

A lot of parents like to be organized. If you’re an organized parent, have your kid’s school uniform ready every night so there is no stress in the morning. Have a laundry day scheduled. Wash your kid’s lunch box and water bottles to keep them ready. It’s always beneficial to be labeled and organized!

Teaching Your Child Responsibility

Labeling all your kid’s stuff can help locate all items which belong to them very easily. This makes them responsible as they manage to get all their stuff back home. There will be days when they may have 3 bags full of stuff. Schoolbag, lunch bag, PE or extra activity bag and water bottle. This way your kids are able to get their stuff back and therefore make them more responsible.

Reduces Sibling Fights

Use personalized name labels if siblings have the same toy or book. Stick the labels on those items so that they (including parents) know which one is whose. Im sure there were a lot of times you witnessed the fights because some of their stuff used to get mixed up so don’t forget to stick the labels on.


For hygiene reasons, don’t mix your kid’s stuff with others. If items are labeled, one would know what is theirs and what isn’t.

Good luck!