Short Note For My Kids

As your parent, I’m responsible for teaching you many crucial skills and lessons. I’m responsible for making sure you eat an actual fruit and/or vegetable, at least once a day. I’m responsible for teaching you to care for your body and no, showers are not optional. I’m responsible for making sure you treat every person you meet with kindness and respect. I’m responsible for guiding you towards success in life so with that goal in mind, I need to be sure we are on the same page as to what success actually looks like.

Mother’s love

Success doesn’t mean having the highest grades in class, it’s working hard and doing your best. Success doesn’t mean making the most money, it’s using the money you make to better the world around you. Success doesn’t mean being the good person with the most friends, but being a good friend to those around you. Success doesn’t mean never failing, it’s never failing to try. Success doesn’t mean knowing everything, it’s continuing to learn throughout a lifetime.

Success isn’t having everything you want, but having everything you need. Success isn’t having the biggest house, it’s having a house full of love. Success isn’t being the last one to leave the office, it’s loving and living life out in the world.

You will encounter many with a misguided vision of what success means. They may not see your value if you have not achieved certain milestones, attended the best schools or possessed the right titles. They may even sacrifice their ideals in the pursuit of their version of success. While there is nothing wrong with achieving traditional measures of success, it should never be the sole measure of your worth. If you compromise your values for the sake of success, you have failed.

I will continue to support you, wherever you are on your journey but never forget in my eyes you will always be a success.

I love you, mom